Linear lighting LED profiles

Linear lighting is defined as a linear shape luminaire (opposed to square or round). Most commonly they appear as a continuous strip, with even brightness along the optical (opal) diffuser.

Such configurations are used in workplace lighting, schools, offices, retail or circulation places, often with a unique architectural aesthetic intent, among the others.

Linear profile luminaires may be equipped with point sources and precise optics for specific applications where focal illumination or very low direct glare from luminaire is required around a specific area or task, also to support an architectural intent to create dramatic lighting or highlight an object or intensify  certain visual impact of a surface or shapes.

Usually, linear lights are long in length and are installed as either pendnats, suspended from a ceiling, surface mounted to a wall or ceiling or recessed into a wall or ceiling or joinery

Choose DLS products for a great new lighting system or an upgrade option from old technology lighting system with low efficiency and high maintenance to new DLS LED system with minimal mintenance requirements and very high efficiency to allow for running cost and energy savings.

Light (direction) output is mostly DOWN, but some profiles allow for both,  DOWN and UP or only UP light distribution.


Linear Tubelight Profiles


Lighting for adverse environments


Freedom of Architectural Lighting


Small Profiles and LED strips