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LED strip lights – Top considerations before selecting – What determines LED quality?

IES LM-79 aspects: WHITE light in phosphor based LED sources is a result of a mixture of many attributes. The final colour consistency and spectral power (outputs) are achieved by binning techniques of the manufacturers.
The location, shape and size of these bins have a rough conformance to the varying orientation and sizes of MacAdam ellipses.
1-step SDCM (Standard Deviation of Colour Matching) area in colour space is were a standard human eye cannot discern colour difference.
Binning and SDCM values and information are more important in point source (chip) LED that they are in LINEAR formation (LED strips)
Minimum SDMC<4 is acceptable for consistency in colour (CCT) uniformity across the batch(es) of luminaires/light sources to create a quality LED strip light.
The lower the SDMC is the better the colour consistency will be.
CIE Chromaticity diagram
white light LED locust
LED white light bin relations
consistency of white light by binning

 3-step MacAdam and 5 step MacAdam for comparison

IES TM-30-15 aspects:  more accurate quantification of the “QUALITY” of light produced by LED sources become increasingly necessary with availability of wide range LED sources and Full Spectrum options, which requires more detailed colorimetry tools and structure.

TM-30-15 Colour Chart  measures against 99 colour samples, thus allows to provide accurate values for:
  • Fidelity (Rf)
  • Gamut (Rg)
  • colour vector graphics

NOTE: high CRI does not necessarily ensures high colour fidelity!
Visual variations in appearance of the lit objects relative to CRI qualified and Full Spectrum (FS) LED sources:

Effect of CRI on visual appearance
Visual appearance of lit surface

Illustration of a normalized colour vector graphic (test source is  RED line)

typical TM-31 LED source strip or COB description
LED strip or COB source typical description
LED Full Spectrum light deviation from ideal light source
Colour vectors to quantify the “QUALITY” of light produced by LED sources
colour chart for fidelity index
Rf - Fidelity index for white light
CRI colors chart
cri chart to determine colour rendering index


DLS Flexiled

Dome Lighting Systems  FlexLED strips are selected to achieve over 180lm/W (at cri>80) or 135lm/W with high cri (93) and high Rf and Rg to suit all applications at highest energy eficiency.

Typical features of FLEXLED range include:
Double Copper PCB for improved electrical, Thermal conductivity
3M backing adhesive tape as standard
One Bin in 3 SDCM as standard, one BIN in 1 SDCM available as an option.

Configuration of LED strip performance can be tailored to the needs of the design.

For combining compatible features please contact sales.