RETAIL - Linear modules combined with Spotl;ights
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T-Line range

Imagine a retail lighting that is versatile, efficient, fits the budget and easy to re-configure to changes in the shop.
Adjust output, Beam angle and direction, location and aiming.
Anytime and without a need for a "refurbishment".


Track adapted / mounted linear profile with integral driver.

Product overview:

Highly efficient linear profile with superior optics and 4wire or 6wire Track adaptor modules with power output switch and optional dimming.
Create linear system of continuous or interrupted lighting from 600mm or 1500mm unit modules.

General features:

+ Ultra slim delicate design
+ Flexible stock with DIP switch driver design
+ Various beam optic for different application
+ Perfect combination with track spotlight
+ High compatibility with brand track rail: 3/4/6
Global, lvela, Eutrac, Unipro, Stucchi, Powergear, Staff

Light Engine and control gear:

+ Up to 160lm/W efficacy with high quality custom board with latest technology LED package.
+ High quality non-flickering drivers as standard.
+ 1500mm or 600mm 35W/40W/45W/50W or (14W/16W/18W/20W), AC 180-240V, 50Hz
+ Output selectable driver: DIP Switch Driver in ON/OFF and DALI options.
+ 2700K/3000K / 3500K/4000K / 5000K/5700K / 6500K, cri 80+/90+


High performance optical lenses with various beam options: Sharp/Narrow/Wide/Double Asymmetric/Flat
+ 60° / 90° / 2x60°(Double asymmetrical) / 120° (opal) to suit all retail illumiantion requirements (height/width/vertical liluminances).
+ Tiltable lighting panel option


Other track adapted lighting (spotlights) or control (sensors...) components

Mounting Options: